People come to me when they are not currently swimming in more money than they could spend in a lifetime. They come to me to get more customers in the door.

Chandresh is an experienced and insightful executive whose understanding of technology applications spans multiple industries, a breadth of knowledge that has helped him steadily advance his career. Through a combination of experience, insights and effective team leadership, I remember Chandresh as an outwardly-focused colleague with the insights and skills necessary to develop an effective view of the landscape of an industry.
— Ed Kountz, TowerGroup

What makes me Different

I specialize in working with small business owners. This means I think more broadly - more ideas, smaller tests.

I specialize in Healthcare IT, specifically EHR companies, a niche segment. I know the market inside out. I know what works, what doesn't. I know about current trends. I know the changing landscape, including Healthcare reform and Stimulus money.

When you hire me you get me. My job isn't to manage a consulting firm, its to grow your sales.

I’ll talk to your customers to formulate ideas. How someone can ask you to accept their ideas about improving your marketing without doing this suggests they're more interested in their fee than your success.

Content and Message trumps everything. An updated flashy brochure, website or mailer without an updated message that reflects what your customers are concerned about (today, not 18 months when you launched your new site!) are a waste of money. Its the message, stupid. It really is!

I'm also big on implementation. Consistency and the capacity to assess and refine marketing efforts is tough in a small business. I understand this and its one of the things I bring to every client relationship.

Chandresh and I worked together for over two years placing editorial advertising for Waiting Room Solutions for the American Academy of Otolaryngology. First and foremost, Chandresh was always professional and courteous but more importantly, he was an excellent negotiator for his company’s best interests. The advertisements Chandresh put together for his media placements are still the #1 in click through rates for our publication and I regularly use his creativity and call to action as an example of how to piece together an effective digital advertisement. As an advertising sales professional, I work with hundreds of clients and I count Mr. Shah as one of my top clients.
— Geoffrey Forneret, MultiView

My Background

New York native, kinda; actually born in India / Jock / Engineer – uses engineering to all things I do / Whirlpool / Realized I don't like big companies / VP Sales & Marketing for three small companies / Started a dot-com, raised $1 Million, lost my shirt and savings / More than two decades of working with small companies, including my own with 50 employees / And now here we are, you and I. . .

Chandresh epitomizes professionalism. The combination of his experiences, insights and instincts are evident in day to day activities ranging from planning to execution. The respect Chandresh garners from customers, colleagues and subordinates testifies to the value he brings to our company. Chandresh is a role model and I am privileged to have him as a friend.
— John BaRoss, President - Marketing Business Development, Americas - Iksula
Chandresh has an uncanny ability to manage well, both up and down. He listens well, thinks both independently and laterally, and arrives at pragmatic solutions. His primary focus is always on the ‘customer’ which enables him to negotiate turf wars
— Sharon Anstey, Account Manager at Sunguard

My Story

Growing up in India; in an intensely competitive world where you’re surrounded by extremely smart people. Without realizing, it sowed the seeds of becoming a ‘salesperson’.

I finished my Bachelors in Engineering and immigrated to the USA.

My first job at Whirlpool Corporation was a dream job for any fresh graduate. I got to implement new technologies and usher in the era of three dimensional computer-aided-design into the engineering process. Guess what? I even got and Engineering Excellence Award for it. To top it all, I traveled to various Whirlpool divisions on the corporate jet! But, a corporate job was not me; it just wasn't.

I started my own business at the age of 26. I learnt what MBAs don’t in classroom.

I started a dot-com, got tremendous exposure to the vulture capital world of New York City!

Since then, in the trenches of small business marketing as again captured my imagination and I've been marketing since…

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