Hubspot, Marketo, Eloqua: New data shows marketing automation market share in unprecedented detail

A very interesting article published on Venturebeat. A report was published by Datanyze on their website - here.

Nothing wrong with the analysis or the data, except the title that Venturebeat uses. 'New data shows marketing automation market share in unprecedented detail.' The title is very misleading. Perhaps designed to have people take a look, get attention. 

On the other hand, publishers of the data seem to be more on the mark. For example, it clearly says 'Marketing Automation market share in the Alexa top 1M'.

Market share by itself is misleading. As a small business and consultant, Alexa ranking has very little meaning. For B2B Healthcare IT companies, majority of whom are considered small businesses, this ranking is meaningless. 

The report says nothing about the type and size of industry which is what I would like to see.