Don't Fire your Marketing director, Fire Yourself.

I don't think there is a study out there that shows the average Job life expectancy of a Marketing Director. A quick informal LinkedIn scan revealed a few things:

  1. Average position is 4 years or less. The smaller the size of the company, lesser the position length.
  2. Many good Marketing Consultants job histories will show jobs that confirm to no. 1 above, including yours truly. They seem to flourish as Independent consultants.

Obvious question is, why?

I can write a book on this, but in the age of information overload, you just want 3 reasons and here they are:

  1. Business owners go through a lot of effort recruiting a good person for the Marketing Director position. Then instead of allowing the Marketing Director to drive and set agenda, they interfere every step of the way. They act as Marketing Gurus.
  2. A clear and precise Goal and Agenda is never set and if the Marketing Director tries to force the issue, she always gets a push back.
  3. First day at the Job is set for Failure. I do blame the new director for not seeing what is coming - setting Unrealistic Expectations. For example -
    1. Increase Leads by 2000%
    2. Increase conversion by 1000%
    3. Be on first page of Google search in 2 days.
    4. Create Ton of Articles in one week.
    5. Marketing Team? What do you mean - we hired you to do everything.
    6. And, of course, Budget? What budget?

Companies (typically SMBs) go through a few Marketing Directors, complain that good talent is hard to find, and then hire outside Marketing Consultants. They don't mind paying them lot of money, and listening to them.

What a Paradox!