Customer Loyalty - A review

There's a new book by Author Jackie Huba - Monster Loyalty: How Lady Gaga Turns Followers into Fanatics. There's lot to learn about EMR Marketing from Lady Gaga. Loyalty!

You can only create Fanatic Loyalty when you -

  • Extremely focused in creating highly engaged superfans. You can't create Fans out of all your clients. So, Identify and work with a small percentage of clients who will spread your message.
  • It is ok to be different and believe in your values. When you connect with customers beyond just providing a product and service, you create a lasting bond. Stop looking at 'cost centers' and pure ROI in the short term.
  • Invest in giving your clients something to talk about. This makes your business word-of-mouth-worthy, which in turn cuts down on advertising costs and spreads the buzz faster.

People ask me - how can I spread the word? Can you help me with word-of-mouth marketing? Can you help create 'viral' marketing. My question back to them is - what have you done to make your business/product/service worthy of word-of-mouth marketing?