Why Should you work with me?

First, I would like to say that I have truly appreciated all of your support throughout the years. I would highly recommend you to anyone as one of the most knowledgeable and helpful software consultants for small businesses. You always made me feel as important as if I had 20 partners and for that I am truly grateful.

Chandresh, as always, thank you for your help and support. If I can ever serve as a reference for this system or for you, please do not hesitate to reach out.
— Dr. Alison Barrack, Atlanta
I have always found Chandresh to be very responsive, thorough, and genuinely concerned about resolving any problems that I have. He goes above and beyond, and has the knowledge, passion, and communication skills to do this with great success.
— Sharon Arters, Comprehensive Behavioral Health, CT
Well you are the best, so why not acknowledge it! You deserve credit for transitioning this Luddite to successfully use the EMR, and staying with me whenever the difficult glitches came up.
Many thanks for all your help over the years.
— Dr. Paul E. Hammerschlag, M.D. F.A.C.S.

Some Audio Testimonials...

Extremely Responsive, Consistent and Effective, which are the main things I look for.
— Dr. Jeremy Barowski, Connecticut
You are truly the best and I appreciate your help even “after the sale.” I have been trying to follow your pages on practice management - April 2019
— Dr. Linda Chiu, Hawaii (Since December 2016)
Having customer service that is willing to adjust and respond to me immediately, reasonable amount of time, this is a priceless!

Whatever program you’re using regardless of how good it is or how bad it is, if the customer service is not good, you’re gonna eventually leave this company, and so far WRS, whatever issues we have, you guys have been very swift and fast in solving it. I think customer service plays a really big role. I think my office manager is constantly in contact with (Christina) and whatever issues, it gets solved, this is priceless and for me its not easy to give up to be frank with you.
— Dr. Anas Alkhatib, MD, Georgia
I’ve never met you, but I really feel it... you’re a good guy, you’re really there not just for the money, you are really proud of what you provide for your clients.

I’m going to continue to work with you and I think wherever we go I’ll come with you wherever you go.
— Dr. Anas Alkhatib, MD, Georgia
Keep innovating, Chandresh! I like how you’re constantly trying to make things better!
— Dr. Jill Cramer, VA
Mr. Shah continues to help our company with our EMR. He is very reliable and professional every step of the way.
— Dr. Mitchell Cabisudo, MD, New York
You understand the problem even if I cannot describe or articulate it. You have always managed to zero in on the issues.
You are a calm in the storm, who never gets tired of our incessant series of questions and never get tired of teaching us. This is important because these systems are central to the success of our business.
— - Dr. Allison Barrack, GA
If there was one feeling when I describe you, that is “relief!” You could be a psychologist.
— - Dr. Allison Barrack, GA
You are very familiar with the process and the concerns that physicians have in their practices. Throughout the journey, you listen, and you internalize their concerns. This is very valuable to me and makes a very big difference.

Before I came on board with you, we were talking for almost a year and ½. All my conversations with you were genuine, and I felt that your conversations with me were genuine. You understood where I was at that time and what I needed to do to get to where we are today. So, I felt very comfortable working with you. You understood what matters to me personally, in my business and my life. You were able to understand how the system would make a difference in my life.

You came here, you saw my practice, how we do things in this practice, you understood our workflow our strengths and weaknesses and helped us adopt the system in a more effective manner. You were attuned to what we need as a business.

Because of your entrepreneurial mind, you are able to understand what is happening in my business, which is what makes you unique. You are able to think outside the box which is very helpful to me to work with you as a partner not a vendor.
— - Dr. Carlos Ayala, TX
In a nutshell, you’re very approachable, honest, forthcoming and helpful. Where necessary, you bring outside resources to assist in the better decision-making process. When I have a problem, and you bring in a solution, there is a level of trust that is implied.

I feel like I have a friend in my corner. I can always pick up the phone and call you. Relationships are more important than products. You always understand what I’m asking.
— - Dr. Gurpal Bindra, TN
You’re the only person (vendor) I have said ‘let’s catch up and let’s go and have a drink!’ That shows the relationship and how I feel with you. You’re always there for me.

You go over and above the call of duty

Chandresh is straightforward, trustworthy, great to do business with, you don’t scare anyone off. It is difficult to find trustworthy people in any business these days.
— - Dr. Berrios, FL
I work with WRS because of You!... because you are always available, and you explain things well, you get things done… you are very reliable and there aren’t a lot of good people out there anymore.

My advice to my colleagues, ‘Consult Chandresh’… (irrespective of EMR system!)
— - Dr. Darin Bush, FL
You have been an invaluable asset to our company.  Thank you and keep up the good work.
— Dr. Mansfield, SC
You are truly the unique sales person who stands behind the product and doesn’t mind being bothered about the product afterward!
— - Dr. Linda Chiu, HI
Whenever I had a problem, I could call him up and immediately get a response, get help, that’s how it evolved. It was huge that he would not only answer the questions, but he’d get me to the right people. He’d get it done as quickly as possible. You need to speak to a real live person. And that real live person is Chandresh to me.
— Dr. Melvin Wiederkehr
Chandresh never fails. He calls me back or emails me back anytime I reach out to him, I couldn’t ask for a better person, a better contact person.
— - Dr. Robert Yarber, MS
He’s been wonderful to work with the whole way through. If I have a specific question, he gets back to me. He’s always very responsive, doesn’t leave us hanging.
— - Mike Donn, NY