I have always found Chandresh to be very responsive, thorough, and genuinely concerned about resolving any problems that I have. He goes above and beyond, and has the knowledge, passion, and communication skills to do this with great success.
— Sharon Arters, Comprehensive Behavioral Health, Connecticut
Keep innovating, Chandresh! I like how you’re constantly trying to make things better!
— Dr. Jill Cramer, Neurologist, VA
Well you are the best, so why not acknowledge it! You deserve credit for transitioning this Luddite to successfully use the EMR, and staying with me whenever the difficult glitches came up.
Many thanks for all your help over the years.
— Dr. Paul E. Hammerschlag, M.D. F.A.C.S.
Chandresh and I worked together for over two years placing editorial advertising for Waiting Room Solutions for the American Academy of Otolaryngology. First and foremost, Chandresh was always professional and courteous but more importantly, he was an excellent negotiator for his company’s best interests. The advertisements Chandresh put together for his media placements are still the #1 in click through rates for our publication and I regularly use his creativity and call to action as an example of how to piece together an effective digital advertisement. As an advertising sales professional, I work with hundreds of clients and I count Mr. Shah as one of my top clients.

After over two years, your AAO ad is still the top performing placement of all time the the AAO News Brief
— Geoffrey Forneret, MultiView
Chandresh has continued to provide insightful advice to many segments of the Health IT Industry. Chandresh has demonstrated on keen understanding of the dynamics affecting medical practices today as well as having a full fund of solutions available to address these issues. Chandresh is well thought of by clients, partners and competitors alike. Finally, Chandresh is a kind, understanding and intelligent resource for anyone in need of his skill set
— Jeffrey Hirsch, COO at Waiting Room Solutions (WRSHealth)
I have had a pleasure of knowing Chandresh for a long-time. I have found him to be extremely knowledgeable in his subject matter, including healthcare and EMR.

Chandresh has a keen insight in marketing and crafting a differentiating product for a crowded market. I enjoy reading his blog and find his articles quite insightful.

A hardworking, intelligent and dependable Chanrdresh can be a true asset to any corporation.
— Divan Dave', CEO, ISM/OmniMD Inc.
Mr. Shah continues to help our company with our EMR. He is very reliable and professional every step of the way.
— Dr. Mitchell Cabisudo, Child, Adolescent, and Adult Psychiatrist
WRS was my first Marketing position held with any company upon graduation; Chandresh being my direct supervisor. Not only was it a pleasure to work with him but he has become such an asset to my future in marketing. He taught me the ins and outs behind using marketing successfully and I will always be thankful for the tips he taught me along the way
— Christina Kiplock, Account Management Supervisor at WRSHealth
I learned so much from Chandresh, on both a creative marketing level and a sales level. Chandresh always strives to build a solid relationship with his clients and makes sure to remain by their side before, during and after implementation. He is a pleasure to work with.
— Mel Sciorra, SEO Account Manager at 451 Marketing
I had an opportunity to work with Chandresh and found that he had some excellent bright ideas to bring a positive change in the business to make it more profitable. I found Chandresh to be very knowledgeable who implemented and demonstrated his skills to get things done in the worst possible conditions. It’s always a pleasure working with Chandresh!
— Smitesh Shah, COO at Health Communication Systems
Chandresh has a very well educated and experienced view on the Healthcare Technology market. His expertise and follow through is the reason he is on his way to the pinnacle.
— Josh Vice
I have known Chandresh for 30+ years and seen him climb professional ladder and achieve greater successes every time.
— Udayan Mandavia, President/CEO, iPatientCare, Inc.
Chandresh is an experienced and insightful executive whose understanding of technology applications spans multiple industries, a breadth of knowledge that has helped him steadily advance his career. Through a combination of experience, insights and effective team leadership, I remember Chandresh as an outwardly-focused colleague with the insights and skills necessary to develop an effective view of the landscape of an industry sector…actionable and free from filler, even where no such landscape previously existed.
— Ed Kountz, Co-Proprietor at Bacchus Wines, Previously at TowerGroup
Chandresh is a highly effective and professional manager. He has terrific problem solving abilities, enjoys his work and is a great person to work with.
— Stuart Ginsbert, PR Specialist, Adjunct Professor, Independent Filmmaker
Chandresh epitomizes professionalism. The combination of his experiences, insights and instincts are evident in day to day activities ranging from planning to execution. The respect Chandresh garners from customers, colleagues and subordinates testifies to the value he brings to our company. Chandresh is a role model and I am privileged to have him as a friend.
— John Baross, Marketing Business Development, Americas ... at Iksula
Chandresh has an uncanny ability to manage well, both up and down. He listens well, thinks both independently and laterally, and arrives at pragmatic solutions. His primary focus is always on the ‘customer’ which enables him to negotiate turf wars.
— Sharon Anstey, Account Manager at SunGard
I admire his poise and thought leadership which he brings into the business. He is a meticulous planner and still better executor. A complete professional.
— Nikhil Madan, Entrepreneur
I have been working with Chandresh for a few years now in various capacities and simply put, he’s a pro! Experienced, high capability, high integrity, high energy — knows his stuff — period. He’s a major asset not only to his organization, but to their clients and partners as well.
— Gary Hare, CEO at Wallmedien
Smart and Driven. I recommend Chandresh highly, and especially applaud his ability to work under very tight deadlines.
— Umang Vasa, CRM Platform Specialist, Microsoft Dynamics CRM
In my experience with him as the Business Relationship Manager, I have found Chandresh to be an effective Program Manager capable of handling multiple complex projects and bulding diverse client relationships.

He brings with him a demonstrated capbility in recognizing client and project needs very proactively. He also displays remarkable astuteness in problem solving and conflict resolution.
— Aditya Bahl, Project Manager at JJPRD, LLC
What endears people (colleagues, customers, whoever) to Chandresh are his qualities of diligence, commitment and enthusiasm. It is a pleasure to work with Chandresh. And yes, he has a sense of humor too!
— Dr. Raja Subramanian, CEO, Radix Learning