How clients most often hire me

Virtual Director of Marketing When you want someone by your side, weekly, to take the idea burden off your shoulders. Do more, faster, with fewer mistakes. At $800 per month, its the best bargain going.

Search Engine Marketing Some call it PPC (pay-per-click), Adwords or sponsored search. Regardless, if your website isn't your #1 lead source, we need to talk. I'm uniquely qualified to make SEM work for you: I generate traffic AND focus on converting visitors into leads once they land on your site (most only offer the former); and I offer the unusual combination of technical expertise, 25+ years of direct response marketing experience, and Marketing Automation.

Social Media Marketing Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and whatever may happen by the time you finish reading this. Regardless, if you are not socializing your marketing, we need to talk. Why? Because it is more than branding. Are you engaging your clients and potentials in a conversation? Are you engaging them in a meaningful way? Even more, we will show you how to make branding ‘measurable’. There’s actually more than that. Monitoring and using social media allows you to keep track of the negative chatter if any and do something proactively about it. So, stop the bad, get the good; is what social media marketing is all about.