I have always found Chandresh to be very responsive, thorough, and genuinely concerned about resolving any problems that I have. He goes above and beyond, and has the knowledge, passion, and communication skills to do this with great success.
— Sharon Arters, Comprehensive Behavioral Health, CT
Well you are the best, so why not acknowledge it! You deserve credit for transitioning this Luddite to successfully use the EMR, and staying with me whenever the difficult glitches came up.
Many thanks for all your help over the years.
— Dr. Paul E. Hammerschlag, M.D. F.A.C.S.

Some Audio Testimonials...

Extremely Responsive, Consistent and Effective, which are the main things I look for.
— Dr. Jeremy Barowski, Connecticut
Having customer service that is willing to adjust and respond to me immediately, reasonable amount of time, this is a priceless!

Whatever program you’re using regardless of how good it is or how bad it is, if the customer service is not good, you’re gonna eventually leave this company, and so far WRS, whatever issues we have, you guys have been very swift and fast in solving it. I think customer service plays a really big role. I think my office manager is constantly in contact with (Christina) and whatever issues, it gets solved, this is priceless and for me its not easy to give up to be frank with you.
— Dr. Anas Alkhatib, MD, Georgia
I’ve never met you, but I really feel it... you’re a good guy, you’re really there not just for the money, you are really proud of what you provide for your clients.

I’m going to continue to work with you and I think wherever we go I’ll come with you wherever you go.
— Dr. Anas Alkhatib, MD, Georgia
Keep innovating, Chandresh! I like how you’re constantly trying to make things better!
— Dr. Jill Cramer, VA
Mr. Shah continues to help our company with our EMR. He is very reliable and professional every step of the way.
— Dr. Mitchell Cabisudo, MD, New York